Werni Stock

Werni Stock can ride everything. Literally, everything. Park lines. Yep. Big air contests. Yep. Massive backcountry jumps. Yessir. Putting it all together in big-mountain, freestyle competition? He does that, too (Werni was the rider-voted standout at the Natural Selection test event in 2020). How did Werni get so good at boarding? Well, the Austrian ripper grew up on the Hintertux Glacier where he could snowboard year-round. While it’s quite possible he was just born with flawless style (case in point: every method he kicks out), logging plenty of time in the infamous parks of Austria when he was coming up couldn’t have hurt. While Werni first turned heads on the big air circuit, dropping in at Air & Style events and the Arctic Challenge, he also has a catalog of video parts to his name (see: his early days with Film Up, Seven crew, and Hotzone.TV). He filmed with Pirates and he’s a staple in Shredbots movies, in which his outsized snowboarding abilities are rooted in the pure enjoyment of making turns. Most recently, he starred in Local Surroundings, filmed entirely in Austria, as well as Afterlight, in which he floated spins and butters in slo-mo, underlining his extra smooth snowboarding. That’s the beauty of Werni’s riding—he just makes everything look so good, while having the most fun doing it.