Miles Fallon

Miles Fallon is part of a new vanguard of young riders redefining what the term “all-terrain destroyer” means when it comes to their snowboarding. Sizeable cheese wedges, multi-kinked handrails, overhead transition, or BMX-style side hits—Miles can step to it all and more importantly, make it all look good. The young rider’s boarding was honed on the East Coast, where he quickly rose through the ranks of local contests, earning spots at events like Snowborder Magazine’s The Launch and the Red Bull Slide-In Tour. In 2019, Miles came out firing in Whistler, British Columbia to win the Quiksilver Young Guns Snowboard contest and earned himself a spot on the team. Since then, he has continued picking up speed. Miles spends most of his season riding and filming, though he rode in his first Dew Tour in 2020 and won gold in the rail jam, further proof of what an ATV the New Jersey native is. The bottom line, Miles is pure momentum on a snowboard, smooth and fast, creative, and clean—and always with a massive smile on his face. The kid loves just snowboarding, and at only 20 years old, he’s definitely got a bright future, with plenty of park laps, powder turns, and days spent surfing the mountain ahead of him.